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Marina Alberti

Departmental Faculty

Marina Alberti, PHD
Professor, Urban Design and Planning
Adjunct Professor, Landscape Architecture
Director of Urban Ecology Lab
Director, Interdisciplinary PhD Program in Urban Design and Planning


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Office: 427 Gould Hall
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Mailing Address:
University of Washington
Box 355740
Department of Urban Design and Planning
Seattle, WA 98195-5740
Street Address:
3950 University Way NE
427 Gould Hall
Seattle, WA 98195

Marina Alberti is Professor of Urban and Environmental Planning in the Department of Urban Design and Planning at the University of Washington. She directs the Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Program in Urban Design and Planning and the Urban Ecology Research Laboratory. She teaches courses in Urban Ecology, Environmental Planning, Geographic Information Systems, and Group Dynamic and Conflict resolution. She also teaches an Advanced Course in Research Design. Her research interests are in the impacts of alternative urban development patterns on ecosystem dynamics.

She is the Principal Investigator on a number of grant-funded research projects aiming to study cities as hybrid ecosystems and the emergent properties of urbanizing regions. Her research also focuses on urban resilience and innovation in coastal cities and eco-evolutionary dynamics. She leads research on modeling and strategic foresight. Her work involves the development of metrics and indicators of urban environmental performance that can be used to monitor progress and inform policy-making and scenario planning. She is especially interested in advanced interdisciplinary approaches to urban ecological problems. Her book entitled Advances in Urban ecology (Springer 2008) synthesizes the state of knowledge on the complex interactions between of urbanization and ecological function and articulate the challenges for scholars of urban ecosystems. In her forthcoming book (2016) “Cities as Hybrid Ecosystems,” Alberti advances the hypothesis that cities may play a key role in the Earth’s eco-evolutionary dynamic.


Ph.D. in Urban & Regional Planning at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1992)
B.A. in Urban Planning at University of Venice, Venice, Italy (1981)

Selected Publications

Alberti, M. 2015. Eco-Evolutionary Dynamics in an Urbanizing Planet. Trends in Ecology and Evolution, DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.tree.2014.11.007

Alberti, M. 2015. The Anthropocene City. In Trischler, H. Leinfelder, R. Möllers, N., Keogh L. and C. Schwaegerl. The Anthropocene (in English and German). Deutsche Museum. Germany.

Pataki DE, Alberti M, Cadenasso ML, Felson AJ, McDonnell MJ, Pincetl S, Pouyat RV, Setala H, Whitlow TW.  2013.  City trees: Urban greening needs better data.  Nature 502: 624.

Alberti, M. and L. Hutyra. 2013. Carbon signatures of development patterns along a gradient of urbanization. D. T. Robinson, D. G. Brown, N. French, and B. Reed (Eds) Land Use and the Carbon Cycle Science and Applications in Coupled Natural-Human Systems. Cambridge University Press.

Hutyra, L. R., Yoon, B., and M. Alberti. 2011. Terrestrial carbon stocks across a gradient of urbanization: Study of the Seattle, WA region. Global Change Biology, 17 (2): 783–787.

Cuo, L., Beyene, T.K., Viosin, N., Su, F., Lettenmaier, D.P., Alberti, M., and J.E. Richey. 2011. Effects of mid-twenty-first century climate and land cover change on the hydrology of the Puget Sound basin, Washington. Hydrological Processes. 25.

Hutyra, L. R., Yoon, B., Hepinstall-Cymerman, J., and Alberti, A. 2011. Land cover change in the Seattle metropolitan region: An examination of spatio-temporal patterns and carbon consequences. Landscape and Urban Planning 103: 83-93.

Alberti, M. 2010. Maintaining ecological integrity and sustaining ecosystem function in urban areas. Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability, 2 (3): 178-184.


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