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Christine Bae

Departmental Faculty

C.-H. Christine Bae, PhD
Assistant Professor, Urban Design and Planning


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Office: 410C Gould Hall
Phone: (206) 616-9034
Fax: (206) 685-9597
Mailing Address:
University of Washington
Box 355740
Department of Urban Design and Planning
Seattle, WA 98195-5740
Street Address:
3950 University Way NE
410C Gould Hall
Seattle, WA 98195

I am interested in how various transportation systems affect the environment and human population. My current research areas are to examine how urban residents who live and travel near heavy traffic roads are affected by traffic-related air pollution (TRAP) in urban environments. Also, I am undertaking an interdisciplinary, multi-institutional research on the economic and environmental impacts of moorage marinas along the Washington and Southern California coastal communities, which is supported by Washington Sea Grant and USC Sea Grant. In the recent past, I have worked on innovative green cities, making the transfer of development rights (TDR) work and promoting livable communities in the Seattle metropolitan area (funded by the Korea Research Institute for Human Settlements [KRIHS]).

My teaching involves a broad spectrum of courses: Introduction to Land Use, Growth Management and Environmental Planning, Transportation and the Environment, Megacity Planning Policies (Seoul), Planning Methods. I like to engage students and help them to conduct their own research as well as pursuing joint research with me.

I serve as a West Regional Representative at ACSP (2016-18), and as a board member of the Western Regional Science Association. I have just completed two years as Council-at-large of the North American Regional Science Council. In international planning, I maintain close contact with Korea Research Institute of Human Settlements (KRIHS) Korea Transport Institute (KOTI) Seoul National University School of Environmental Health, and the University of Seoul. Currently, I am the director of Seoul Case Study Program sponsored by Seoul Metropolitan Government. I am also serving as a member of the College Council in our College.


Selected Publications

“Bicyclists’ Exposure to Air Pollution in Seattle: A Hybrid Analysis Using Personal Monitoring and Land Use Regression,” (with E-Sok Andy Hong*) Transportation Research Record, 2270 (2012), pp. 59-66 .

“Evaluating the Impact of Transit Service on Parking Demand and Requirements,” (with Daniel H. Rowe* and Qing Shen), Transportation Research Record, 2245 (2011) pp.56-62.

“The Impact of Gasoline Prices on Transit Ridership in Washington State,” (with Victor Stover*) Transportation Research Record, 2217 (2011) pp.11-18.

“Assessing Multifamily Residential Parking Demand and Transit Service,” (with Daniel H. Rowe **and Qing Shen) ITE Journal, 80:12 (2010) pp. 20-29.

“Measuring Neighborhood Air Pollution: The Case of Seattle’s International District,” (with A. Bassok**, P. Hurvitz, and T. Larson,) Journal of Environmental Planning and Management, 53:1 (2010) pp. 23-39. (Corresponding Author)

“Salmon Protection in the Pacific Northwest: Can It Succeed?” New York University Environmental Law Journal, 17:1 (2009), pp.559-579.

“Options for the Capital of a Reunified Korea,” (with H.W. Richardson), The SAIS Review of International Affairs, 29:1 (2009), pp. 67-77.

“The Exposure of Disadvantaged Populations in Freeway Air Pollution Sheds: A Case Study of the Seattle and Portland Regions,” (with Sandlin**, Bassok** and Kim**), Environment and Planning B, 34:1 (2007), pp. 154-170.

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