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Branden Born

Departmental Faculty

Branden Born, PhD
Associate Professor, Urban Design and Planning


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Office: 410H Gould Hall
Phone: (206) 543-4975 *Please note: No voicemail is available at this number.
Fax: (206) 685-9597
Mailing Address:
University of Washington
Box 355740
Department of Urban Design and Planning
Seattle, WA 98195-5740
Street Address:
3950 University Way NE
410H Gould Hall
Seattle, WA 98195

My primary interests are in planning process and policy/decision making, land use, and social justice. Specifically, I am interested in the differential impacts on population subsets from land use and social policy decisions. Currently this translates into examination of the Growth Management Act and its effects on urban density, and studying food systems in an applied and theoretical manner. I am particularly interested by the political realities that make or break projects. Thus I focus my time on community issues that relate to land use, planning decision making, and food systems. I believe critical thought and the ability to clearly identify questions are crucial to both learning and successful planning and policy development. My research interests, teaching philosophy, and personal goals are congruent with the departmental mission, and I try to involve students through in-class exercises and community service as they hone their skills and develop their professional interests during their UDP tenure.


Selected Publications

Born, Branden, 2013. A Research Agenda for Food System Transformation Through Autonomous Community-based Food Projects. Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development v. 3(4) 213-217.

Yocom, Ken, Gundula Proksch, Branden Born, 2012. Built Environments Laboratory: Interdisciplinary Learning and Collaboration in a Studio Environment. Journal of Education in the Built Environment. 7:2 8-25.

Horst, Megan, Eva Ringstrom, Shannon Tyman, K. Michael Ward, Virginia Werner, and Branden Born. 2011. "Toward a more expansive understanding of food hubs." Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development 2 (1): 209-225.

Mendes, Wendy, Joe Nasr, (principal authors) with contributions from Timothy Beatley, Branden Born, Kristina Bouris, Marcia Caton Campbell, Jerome Kaufman, Barbara Lynch, Kami Pothukuchi, Gerda Wekerle. 2011. "Preparing Future Food System Planning Professionals and Scholars: Reflections on Teaching Experiences." Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development 2 (1):1-38.

Born, Branden, and Alon Bassok. 2011. “Beyond Bodegas: Affordable Groceries through an Innovative Store Format.” Journal of Urbanism,2:2 127-143.

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