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Robert Mugerauer

Departmental Faculty

Robert Mugerauer, PhD
Professor, Urban Design and Planning
Professor, Architecture
Adjunct Professor, Landscape Architecture
Adjunct Professor, Anthropology
Director, PhD Program in the Built Environment


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Office: 448G Gould Hall
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University of Washington
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Department of Urban Design and Planning
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Seattle, WA 98195

I am interested in a wildly wide range of subjects and approaches, but they all cohere around the themes of “social and cultural values,” “social urban ecology,” and “qualitative and participatory methods for responding to the world.” I think that pursuing a synthetic goal such as “environmental health and well-being” involves many complex dimensions that usually are treated only in a fragmented or even contradictory manner. The alternative for research and practice is to find ways to unify alternative modes of understanding and acting that still respect, even nurture, differences. This means combining approaches that focus on large, structural dimensions of phenomena and, simultaneously, using very specific cases in which meaning is contextually generated. Surprisingly, we under-utilize the current theory of self-organization, the power of film and new media, and do not fully appreciate the importance of scenario building in the democratic planning process—shortcomings which we can remedy.


Ph.D. in Philosophy at the University of Texas, Austin (1963)
B.A. in Liberal Studies at the University of Notre Dame (1967) Magna Cum Laude


Selected Publications

(with Kuei-Hsien Liao) "Design with Complexity: The Emerging Paradigm Shift for Ecological Design" Journal of Bio-Urbanism, 2010, 12, 2

“Sloterdijk’s Bubbles and Heidegger’s Dwelling,” Space Thresholds: Design in a Digital Age, April, 2013, pp. 9-16

“Hacia una teoría de ecología urbana integrada” [translation of “Toward a Theory of Integrated Urban Ecology”], http://www.geografiaenespanol.net/GE-Tr_10.html, or directly on http://www.geografiaenespanol.net/Mugerauer_GeE_10.pdf (2012).

“Toward a Theory of Integrated Urban Ecology: Complementing Pickett et al.,” Ecology and Society, December, 2010, 15 (4), 31 <http//www.ecology and Society.org.vol15/iss4/art31>.

“Anatomy of Life and Well-Being: A Framework for Contributions of Phenomenology and Complexity Theory, International Journal of Qualitative Studies of Health & Well-Being, July, 2010,  <5:5097- DOI: 10.3402/qhw.v512.5097>.

“Insinuating a Better Way of Life: Making Do in the Everyday Spaces of Buenos Aires”." Traditional Dwellings & Settlements Working Paper Series, IASTE, UC-Berkeley, Fall, 2010

“Tradition, Tourism, and Technology: Local and Scientific Knowledge and Action in Freiburg in Breisgau.” (UC-Berkeley: IASTE Working Paper Series, Dec., 2008).

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