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Our location in Seattle puts us in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, an exciting, urban laboratory for smart growth, sustainability practices and major transportation projects. The natural and urban amenities of this region make it a lively and livable environment, ideal for learning and practicing planning, development and design.

This page contains numerous resources for prospective and enrolled students in the Department of Urban Design and Planning, from job opportunities to course syllabi and beyond.

Planning-Related Job Opportunities

Many internship, job, volunteer, and other opportunities from the Seattle region and beyond are posted to our LinkedIn and Facebook pages.

If you are an employer and would like to post a job or internship opportunity, please email

Alumni - Where Are They Now

Interested to know what kind of jobs are available to graduates of our Master of Urban Planning program? Please review our MUP Alumni Positions list to see a representative sampling.


There are numerous resources for diversity in the Department of Urban Design and Planning and at the University of Washington campus at large:

  • the Department of Urban Design and Planning has an active Diversity Committee, which is committed to serving the needs of our students.
  • the Graduate School supports diversity and inclusiveness at the University of Washington in multiple and innovative ways: from support of students and departments to programming to advocacy to fostering conversation and dialogue.
  • the Graduate Opportunities and Minority Achievement Program (GO-MAP) is at the heart of the Graduate School’s commitment to expanding graduate education to everyone, with events and programming are geared toward underrepresented minority graduate students and students of color.
  • UW President Ana Mari Cauce launched a Race and Equity Initiative in Spring 2015 with a challenge: that all of us — students, faculty, staff and university leadership — take personal responsibility for addressing our own biases and improving our university culture.

Recommended Reading List

The Reading and Resource List contains listings of books and resources about planning, design, cities, people, urbanism, etc. It is an evolving list compiled by the Department faculty with contributions from students. Prospective and enrolled students are encouraged to read, peruse, challenge, discuss, and use resources from this list. Material with equity or cultural diversity content is indicated with an asterisk(*).

UDP Reading + Resource List